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RFP - Land Use Development Code Update

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August 24, 2018

The County of Rio Grande, Colorado Request for Proposals (RFP)
Land Use Development Code (LUDC) Update

August 24, 2018




Rio Grande County, Colorado is announcing a Request for Proposals (RFP) from qualified Land Use and Zoning Consultants, firms or individuals to provide professional services to update, reorganize or re-write the Rio Grande County Land Use Development Code (LUDC).  Proposals must be received by 4:00 PM on Tuesday, September 25, 2018.


A. Community Information

Rio Grande County is the gateway to the San Juan Mountains and one of the highlights of the San Luis Valley.  The county covers 913 square miles ranging from around 7,000 feet on the valley floor to numerous 13,000 foot peaks.  The scenic landscape and close community make Rio Grande County a great place to live, work and vacation.  There are three municipalities within the county, Monte Vista, Del Norte, and South Fork and all have been historically developed along the rail line that follows the Rio Grande River.  The County is diverse in its economic base including agriculture, tourism, and limited amounts of value added agricultural processing. 

B. History

The Rio Grande County Land Use Development Code was first adopted in 1972. While portions of the Code have been amended from time to time over the years, such piecemeal revisions have left the County with a fractured and conflicting set of zoning regulations that do not align well with the needs of the growing county or the directives of the recently updated Master Plan.

Rio Grande County in conjunction with the three municipalities adopted an updated “Rio Grande County Joint Master Plan” in 2016. In 2017 Rio Grande County had a Code Book Assessment completed and it is now one of the goals of Rio Grande County to explore an update/re-write of the Land Use Development Code.  This Code Book Assessment can be viewed on Rio Grande County’s web page.


A. General

  1. Rio Grande County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, and to select the proposal which it judges to be in the best interest of the County.
  2. All proposers are bound by the deadline and location requirements of this RFP as stated in the announcement.
  3. All proposals shall remain effective subject to Rio Grande County review and approval for a period of sixty (60) days from the deadline for submitting proposals.

B. Project Goals

It is the intention of Rio Grande County to procure the professional services of a qualified Land Use Planning Consultant to facilitate the proposed update of the County’s Land Use Development Code in accordance with current planning practices and the Rio Grande County Master Plan. The process will culminate in a reorganized and updated Land Use Development Code by July 31, 2019. The Consultant shall facilitate the updated Development Code in a format agreed upon by the County.  In updating the LUDC the County has established the following goals:

  1. Reorganization of the LUDC to provide clear structure and format with the intention of increased usability and enforceability.
  2. Updated terminology and uses, and tables to illustrate regulations and make the Development Code easy to use.
  3. Update the Sign Code to reflect the Gilbert vs Reed Supreme Court decision.
  4. A Development Code with an enforceable abatement process to assist in compliance with Code regulations.
  5. Update and create consistent and streamlined approval processes and evaluate the levels of approval

C. Scope of Work

The Consultant, firm or individual, shall provide full professional services as described below to work with Rio Grande County Planning & Zoning Commission, Rio Grande County Board of County Commissioners, County staff and others to reorganize and update the Rio Grande County Land Use Development Code.

  1. Project Orientation

    At the outset of the project, the Consultant shall meet with County Staff and the Planning & Zoning Commission for a project orientation meeting in order to provide an understanding of project goals and the project schedule, specific issues, County policies, and opportunities and/or problems relating to the regulation of the current LUDC.
  1. Public Participation Process

    The Consultant shall propose a broad-based public participation process that specifies how and when the public will be engaged throughout the LUDC rewrite process. The Consultant shall specify the methods it will use to achieve meaningful public participation in the project

    The Consultant shall provide a public participation timeline that identifies key points at which the public will be involved, how that involvement will occur, and how and when materials will be available and presented to the public.

    The Consultant shall be responsible for producing meeting materials visual presentations, or any other resources or materials necessary to engage the public. The Consultant shall provide technical capabilities for graphically communicating needed information. The Consultant shall also consider multiple means of obtaining input both during and outside of identified meetings.


A. Letter of Transmittal

The letter shall include the following elements:

  1. Statement of understanding of the work to be performed.
  2. Statement of affirmation of the consultant, firm or individuals’ qualifications for professionally and expertly conducting the work as understood.
  3. The contact person concerning the proposal and a telephone number and e-mail address where that person can be reached.

B. General Profile of Consultant, Firm or Individual

The general profile shall include the following information:

  1. A brief statement indicating the consultant’s, firm’s or Individual’s experience in conducting work of the nature sought by the RFP.
  2. The location of the consultant, firm or individual’s office serving this project.
  3. A brief reference list of other municipalities served by the consultant, firm or individual shall be provided along with telephone numbers and names of contact persons.
  4. Any other information describing the consultant, firm or individual may be included if it relates to the capabilities and expertise of the firm in doing comparable work.

C. Cost

A total, not to exceed, cost estimate for the project must be submitted. The cost shall be based on the number of hours of work provided and “out of pocket expenses” and shall not exceed the maximum cost proposed unless an amendment to the contract is negotiated and approved by the proper authority of the County. Such estimate shall provide the following information:

  1. The number of hours to be provided by each person assigned to the project.
  2. The proposed hourly rate for billing shall be included for each person.
  3. An Itemized estimate of “out-of-pocket expenses” must be included.
  4. The total amount of maximum payment must be stated.
  5. The method of billing must be disclosed.



All proposals will be evaluated based on the technical and professional expertise and the experience of the consultant, the proposed method, and the procedures of the work, and the cost of the proposal.  The apparent ability of the firm to be independent and objective in performing the requested work will also be considered.

A. Technical Expertise

The technical expertise and experience of the consultant, firm or individual will be determined by the following factors:

  1. The overall experience of the consultant/firm/individuals in conducting similar work that is to be provided to Rio Grande County.
  2. The clarity and completeness of the proposal and the apparent general understanding of the work to be performed.

B. Procedure and Methods

The methods and procedures proposed to be utilized to conduct the work requested as they relate to thoroughness and objectiveness will be of primary importance in evaluating proposals.  This includes evaluation of the soundness of the approach relative to the techniques for collecting and analyzing data, sequence and relationships of major steps, and methods for managing the work to ensure timely and orderly completion.

C. Cost

 The cost will be weighed in relation to the other proposals received and shall be evaluated relative to the number of hours of professional consulting services to be received by the County and the overall level of expertise of the specific consultants/firm/individuals proposed to do the work for the County.


All submittals must be received no later than 4:00 PM on Tuesday Sept 25, 2018, as follows:

Submittal Address:                 Board of Rio Grande County Commissioners

                                                925 Sixth Street #207

                                                Del Norte, CO  81132

Contact Person:                       Dixie Diltz, Rio Grande County Land Use Administrator


                                                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Notification of Successful Bidder:  Sept 28, 2018

A link to Rio Grande County’s Land Use Development Code and RGC Joint Master Plan and Code Book Assessment can be found on the County’s web site at:

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